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Sunday, September 23, 2018   6:19:03 AM  
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The Devilís Seed
Prophecy - Signs
Thursday, October 12, 2017
J.L. Robb

If you were the devil and wanted to take all of humanity from the warmth and light of a loving God to the deepest, darkest depths of man’s depravity, what would you do?

If you were the devil and wanted to cause anguish and despair, calamity and tragedy, what would you do? How would you go about it in a world of billions?

If you were the devil, how could you go about taking over the minds of the vulnerable, which is all of us.

Assuming he exists.

The first thing I would do is plant seeds to convince people that I am no more than an assumption. I don’t exist, have never existed, a fairytale made-up by the ignorant and stupid.

I would infiltrate the public education system with teachers who are atheists or doubters and teach the children that there is no God, either.

I would go to Hollywood, New York and Atlanta and influence the movie industry to push adultery, recreational sex, porn and child exploitation. I would tell the movie producers to produce more family movies where children disrespect and belittle their parents and fathers are made to look stupid.

I would influence the United States Supreme Court to ignore Leviticus 20, even though the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian law, and redefine sex laws and marriage, making what was normal, abnormal and making what was abnormal, normal.

They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. Isaiah 5:20 NIV

I would then influence the churches and synagogues to demand that God be taken out of the school system by convincing them that they should reinterpret the church-state separation clause and forbid God access to the public square.

I would plant seeds in the church that it is better to teach prosperity and entertain than dwell on sin which might make the flock uneasy. I would plant seeds in the church that God is okay with transgenderism, transvestism, adultery, abortion and homosexuality. I would influence the preachers and bishops that it is okay to be gay, and maybe throw in a dash of pedophilia.

I would teach the churches not to dwell on the final book of the Bible because it is just too depressing for the flock, plus it’s hard to understand. I would tell them: “Teach prosperity, not prophecy!”

I would teach the church that hell does not exist anymore than the devil, and that the Jews and Israel are not to be trusted. I would tell them to ignore Genesis 12:3 and sympathize with those who hate Israel.

I would introduce great division in society and bring countries into war. There would be hatred in the streets, riots and burning and blaspheming the name of Jesus. I would teach that not only is gay pride cool, let’s have a parade. I would encourage the elite, and make them think people came from an amoeba.

In 1965, radio show host Paul Harvey said this a lot better than me. Do you think he was right?

If I Were the Devil- Paul Harvey

“If I were the devil, I wouldn’t be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree—Thee.

So I’d set about however necessary to take over the United States.

I’d subvert the churches first—I would begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: “Do as you please. Do as you please.”

To the young, I would whisper, “The Bible is a myth.” I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what is bad, is good; and what is good is “square”.

And the old, I would teach to pray. I would teach them to pray after me, ‘Our Father, which art in Washington…’

And then I’d get organized.  I’d educate authors on how to make lurid literature exciting, so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting. I’d threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa. I’d pedal narcotics to whom I could. I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. I’d tranquilize the rest with pills.

If I were the devil I’d soon have families that war with themselves, churches that war with themselves and nations that war with themselves, until each in its turn was consumed. 

And with promises of higher ratings I’d have mesmerizing media fanning the flame. 

If I were the devil I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, and neglect to discipline emotions—just let those run wild, until before you knew it, you’d have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door.

Within a decade I’d have prisons overflowing, I’d have judges promoting pornography—soon I could evict God from the courthouse, and then the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress. 

And in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and deify science. I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls, and church money. If I were the devil I’d make the symbols of Easter an egg and the symbol of Christmas, a bottle.

If I were the devil I’d take from those who have and I would give to those wanted, until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious. What do you bet I could get whole states to promote gambling as the way to get rich? I would question against extremes and hard work, and Patriotism, and moral conduct.  I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on the TV is the way to be.  And thus I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure. 

In other words, if I were the devil I’d just keep right on doing what he’s doing. 

Paul Harvey, good day.”

Has it worked?

Harvey Weinstein is an example of how well it has worked. A close friend and donor to Hillary Clinton and Obama, an idol to Hollywood and media services everywhere and a mover-and-shaker in the media world, many actresses and actors who live in a completely fantasy world have expressed their love and admiration for this man.

When the sex scandal broke out last week, fashion designer Donna Karan suggested to The Daily Mail that the female victims “asked for it.” She has since apologized.

Weinstein’s sexual exploits was not news to Hollywood. There have been reports for years. It was not news to political movers-and-shakers. What is current news is, someone finally spilled the beans on this rich and powerful devil’s seed. Like kudzu, the devil’s seed is almost unstoppable.

In China, Victoria’s Secret has a fashion show using girls as young as 5 for lingerie models.

The devil’s pedophile seed was planted long ago. Can no one stop him?

When Christ returns, it will be stopped. That will be soon.

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