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Bill Cosby, once beloved 'America's Dad,' convicted of sexual assault
(Language in fourth and 31st paragraphs may be offensive to some readers)

In #MeToo era, Cosby team's attacks on victims may have backfired
(Reuters) - Time and again during Bill Cosby's second trial, the comedian's lawyers launched blistering attacks on the six women who told a Pennsylvania jury that he had sexually abused them, questioning their motives and assailing their characters in stark terms.

Genealogy websites help California police find Golden State Killer suspect
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - California investigators tracked down the former policeman who they suspect is the Golden State Killer responsible for dozens of rapes and murders by comparing crime scene DNA to genetic information on genealogy websites, a prosecutor said on Thursday.

Waffle House shooting shows pitfalls in patchwork of U.S. gun laws
(Reuters) - When Travis Reinking's semi-automatic rifle was confiscated after his attempt to enter the White House last year, he simply moved from Illinois to nearby Tennessee where signs of mental illness are no bar to gun ownership.

U.S. judge blocks cuts to teen pregnancy prevention grants
(Reuters) - A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump's administration from terminating grants issued through a teen pregnancy prevention program, marking the third time in a week that a court has held that the administration's 2017 decision was unlawful.

UC Berkeley must face lawsuit alleging bias against conservative speakers
(Reuters) - A federal judge rejected the University of California at Berkeley's bid to dismiss a lawsuit claiming it discriminated against conservative speakers like Ann Coulter by imposing unreasonable restrictions and fees on their appearances.